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The Compassion Understood Pet Loss Support Training Program provides training and tools for veterinary professionals and practices

The course consists of three components. Each component deals with a specific part of the pet loss journey. It is possible to book individual components, but learners are strongly encouraged to take all three. The components are: 

Component 1: Preparing for & Nearing End-of-Life

Component 2: The Pet’s Passing 

Component 3: The Client Journey 


You can now view our introductory videos to the course components 


Course structure

Each component is split into 5 modules that contain articles with video, audio and other tools to assist with the learning journey. Multiple choice questions at the end of each module help to reinforce learning.

Individualized learning is encouraged through non-compulsory reflective exercises and participants are invited to keep a journal along the way. This way, they can embed their learning in a way that is very particular and relevant to them. The exercises include some where the learner is faced with common scenarios and is encouraged to think about what they would do if faced with those circumstances. 

Our education and communication expert, Dr Jenny Moffett has overseen the learning approaches of the course to make them as robust as possible. 

How long does it take?

Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, with a component therefore expected to take about 2.5 hours in total. The modules are split in such a way to be bite-sized and participants can save their work as they go along. Individuals can work at their own pace, and the content will still be available after completion of each module to look back on or refresh the learning. 


Following completion and passing of a component, the learner will receive a downloadable certificate of achievement

By completing a component or the whole course, you also receive accreditation points. These are then combined with those of other learners in your practice, to give an overall practice accreditation score.

Listing in accredited vets directory

Your practice is then entered into the Compassion Understood list of accredited veterinary practices, which is available to the public and shows your overall practice accreditation level . This helps pet owners find practices that have adopted a compassionate and bond-centered approach to end-of-life care.

Practices are awarded Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, depending on the number of trained staff they employ. Individual awards belong to the participant and should they leave a practice, the accreditation points and training awards go with them. 


Pricing option 1: Purchase individual components

Individual Components:

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Pricing option 2: Multiple Component Plans

Buy 4-9 Components @ $55.00 per component
Buy 10-20 Components @ $50.00 per component
Buy 21-60 Components @ $45.00 per component
60+ Components please get in touch for pricing

The Multiple Component plan is designed for your whole client facing team to train in compassionate pet loss care.

More details can be found on our pricing page.

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Course components

C1: Preparing for & Nearing End-of-Life

This component covers the following modules: Understanding the pet owner Introducing the 4th life stage; Quality of Life assessment and tools Decision-making and end-of-life discussions Introduction ...

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C2: The Pet's Passing

This component covers the following modules: Euthanasia: Mind-sets and Challenges Bond-Centered Euthanasia: The Vet Professional’s Guide Home Euthanasia and Other Scenarios Moving Towards ...

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C3: The Client Journey

This component covers the following modules: Moving towards a bond-centered approach The Client Journey Part 1: Before the last appointment The Client Journey Part 2: After the last appointment Suppo...

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