Client Support Training Program Pricing

Here you purchase any of our individual course components directly through our website or one of our more cost effective Multiple Component plan's which is our commitment to you to help make this happen by introducing a plan that will make your investment achievable and at a price that will fit well.

How to buy you Compassion Understood Components

Option 1: Buy Single Components for Single Users 

If you have a PROMO CODE enter it at check out and your discount will be applied

Option 2:  Buy Multiple Components for Multiple Users

email us / call us +44 (0)1788 22 88 11

For more than 60 components contact us to find out about our bespoke practice plans giving even greater value



  Option 2: Buy Multiple Components  

 The Multiple Component Plans are designed for the whole of your client facing team.  View our multiple component plan details below -  

* All prices are exclusive of Tax.