Congratulations to Dearborn Family Pet Care

posted on: Fri, 19th Jan 2018


Congratulations to Dearborn Family Pet Care - The First Compassion Understood Platinum Accredited Practice in the USA!

We would like to congratulate Dearborn Family Pet Care in  Dearborn MI. For becoming our first Compassion Understood Platinum accredited practice in the USA.

The whole practice team were put through their paces on the Compassion Understood course, achieving a platinum accreditation. We would like to commend them all on their hard work and dedication.

“My Team is in the midst of taking these courses and are on our way to becoming better prepared to help our clients and patients with end of life concerns. This is a wonderful educational tool for the entire veterinary team, and we are very excited to put what we learn into practice!.

I have personally passed the first two Components I really love it!, I especially enjoy all of the videos. They help keep my attention better than just reading the information. I also have taken advantage of the reflection exercises. The second component was very helpful in dealing with Compassion fatigue, both with understanding the signs and in combatting this often-paralyzing issue. I have had a few meetings with my staff already on this common problem in the veterinary field.

As a team, we are looking forward to completing the training and helping to make our clients' pet loss experience the very best it can be.

Onward and upward and looking forward to completing component 3!!”

Cheryl Good, DVM
Owner, Dearborn Family Pet Care, P.C.
Vice President, NAVC Board of Directors
Medical Director, FAMD

The compassion understood course has been designed to help practices handle euthanasia and end-of-life care compassionately and sensitively, offering a bond centered approach.  For pet owners, losing their pet is a devastating time and one that will stay with them long after the appointment.  We know through our research that 20% of clients do not return to the same practice following euthanasia of their pet. We can change this by improving the experience that we offer clients during this difficult and sad time.  Even making small changes to the way in which we approach bereaved clients and handle euthanasia’s can have a big and lasting impact on the client and the way in which they process their grief.

During the course, guidance on how to approach end-of-life discussions and protocols on veterinary procedures are discussed, to ensure that when the time comes it is as dignified and smooth as possible. Information on how to handle bereaved clients and the stages of grief are also considered along with team well-being and compassion fatigue. By the end of the course, your practice team will feel confident discussing end-of-life care ahead of the ‘final’ appointment - giving clients time to think clearly about this important decision.

The Compassion Understood training course also accounts for 7.5 hours of valuable CE, with each member of the team receiving an individual certificate following completion. The training is conducted via an online portal, which makes it easy to fit the course around a busy schedule.  It is important to remember that the client’s journey begins way before the  ‘put to sleep’. This is why it is essential that the whole team immerse themselves in this training course and not just the vets who administer that final injection!

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Congratulations to Dearborn Family Pet Care
Congratulations to Dearborn Family Pet Care